The Blog of one Balgarka

The Blog of one Balgarka

1. Blog title: The Blog of one Balgarka
2. Blog URL:
3. Blog author name or alias: Lubka Christova
4. Blog language: English
5. Short description: I’m a Bulgarian girl living in London since 2010. I’m still trying to get used to the odd weather, but luckily the British ale helps.
Here I will try to inspire you with Balkan creativity, show you how to drink rakia and cook some alien dishes, while staying fit. I will try to engage you in discussions about various subjects and will share with you my favourite fashion trends. I will keep you posted on design and marketing tips and some of my creative projects, as well as cool and trendy London venues. I will embroider with you and inspire you for different good causes.
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7. Twitter @Name: @lu_christova
8. Instagram: l_christova
9. Blog category:  Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty, Arts, Crafts & DIY


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